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1. Payment Options

You will see which payment types the Dealer accepts during the dealer selection process.

In the event that your selected dealership does not accept online payments, you can still order your accessories on line and then arrange a payment method with the Dealership directly.

Dealers offer different types of online shopping experiences:

  Online Pricing Online Catalog
  Online Pricing -  Pay At Dealer Order By Phone or At Dealer
Displays Pricing Online Dealer's Part & Install Price Suggested Retail Price
PayPal© & Major Credit Cards By Phone or At Dealer By Phone or At Dealer
FedEx© Shipping Pickup at Dealer Pickup at Delaer

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2. Warranty Information

Genuine Ford Accessories will be warranted for whichever provides you the greatest benefit: 24 months/unlimited kilometres or the remainder of your New Vehicle Limited Warranty. Contact your local Ford Dealer for details and a copy of the limited warranty.

Ford Licensed Accessories are warranted by the accessories manufacturer's warranty. Contact your Ford Dealer for details regarding the manufacturer's limited warranty and/or a copy of the Ford Licensed Accessories product limited warranty offered by the accessory manufacturer. Ford Licensed Accessories products are fully designed and developed by the accessory manufacturer and have not been designed or tested to Ford Motor Company engineering requirements.

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